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The reference to Ancient of Days and Light of the World is difficult. It might refer to the Old and the New covenants, Law and Grace.

For Waite, the hexagram symbolized the addition of Spirit to our ordinary humanity. From Studies in Mysticism, 1906:
“The difference between the natural man, complete in his own degree, and the arch-natural man whom we understand by the term adept, is, in fact, the difference between the star of the microcosm with its five points, and the star of the macrocosm to which a sixth point is added in the symbolism, signifying the super-addition, over and above our humanity, of that consciousness in the spirit to which I have already referred.”
In Waite’s Fellowship of the Rosy Cross, the Great Symbol corresponding to the Hermit occupies path 20 from Chesed (Adeptus Exemptus) to Tiphareth (Adeptus Minor) and is called the Keeper of the Mysteries. The grade of Adeptus Exemptus is one of priesthood; much of the ritual is occupied with ideas of returning to the "lower" grades to minister to those still seeking the heights.

This example shows the type of covered lamp to which Waite refers. Lévi’s description is: “. . . a sage leaning on his staff, holding a lamp in front of him and enveloped completely in his cloak.” A lot of Marseille Hermits have the lamp partially covered.
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