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This is one of the few Hierophants (as opposed to the warm Papes of the Marseille) that I really like. I don't find him unapproachable at all - rather, I think he guards himself against too much intrusion because he is a scholar and a leader of a community. But the woman at his side reached him, which means he is there for his people.

Rabbi Loew was somewhat of a magician - he raised the Golem and saved the Jews of Prague. He has deep knowledge that goes far beyond book knowledge, though he has that too. I like books, I am comfortable around them, so someone in a library just feels fine to me. He was a noted Kabbalist, adept of many mysteries.

His expression: it is curious. Bright intelligence, somewhat ironic, as though he'd seen so much of the world nothing could really surprise him. I think he has a caustic sense of humour. Is he unkind? History tells us he intervened when he had to. He is wise, and carries the cloak of mystery about him. It is another way he keeps the world at bay but not blocked out. We have to seek a teacher, he will not seek us.

To me he means learning and teaching, the path to a deeper understanding (the scholar and the books); as 5 he is the number of man, of the pentagram - the synthesis of duality, gestation and expansion. He leads you beyond yourself and the security of the Emperor. Is it risky? Could be. He's a magician, after all, there is something dangerous about him, even if he can save your life. But his higher number is 14 - Temperance: I see him as directly related to this alchemical figure. Both are rather remote, but very present (an interesting paradox).

There's a strange thing happening in this card. The woman is begging, he does not look at her, but straight at us with his questioning look. I feel as though he is asking me - so, what should I do about this woman? What would you do? Do you know the consequences of your taking on this woman's plight?

He reminds me of Solomon.
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