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6 of Swords

I've been pondering this card all afternoon so I thought I'd share some of it here.

The meanings of the cards in this deck really seem tied into the reactions of the characters rather than a zealous esoteric organization. The posture and attitudes of the characters in the deck seem to speak volumes where other decks just stick a blank figure in. I really enjoy this approach as it gives the deck a lot of personality.

So traditionally the six of swords is about moving on in a situation. The two lovers here do not seem to be on the best of terms. They are distant, and the guy in front obviously has a lot on his mind, to the point that he is not helping things move forward. It is twilight and neither the sun nor moon, which symbolized their union on the Lovers, is in the sky. The intensity of their relationship has dimmed for the moment. Whatever the result of the conflict will be the relationship will have changed and moved into the next stage of its life. You can't step in the same river twice and aloof that. Whether they are breaking or not isn't obvious here, perhaps surrounding cards in a reading would flavor the interpretation a bit. What is obvious is that there is a need for resolution, things can't continue exactly as they are.

Little things, the downward pointing triangles on the canoe could be linked to the magical symbol for water being a downward pointing triangle, echoing the passage over water motif. The triangles are red, the color ascribed to fire, suggesting either the original duality of their relationship, or maybe just the conflict.

One man's shirt has a 6 on it, that's easy enough itís the six of swords. The other has stars. Interesting, as their symbols on the Lovers card are a sun and moon, the stars seem appropriate as neither the sun nor the moon is in the sky.
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