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Aside from the Rider Waite and the Golden Universal, I also have the Thoth Tarot. While all adhere to the Golden Dawn system, these were combined with Christian mysticism for the first two and Thelemic concepts for the last, though if one were to study these the Thoth definitely follows the GD system more faithfully. These are definitely worthy of deep contemplation, with the feast of symbols they flaunt and hide at the same time.

But in esotericism none really beats the decks that very strictly adheres to the GD system. I have the Ciceros' Golden Dawn Magical Tarot set, and while the deck alone would satisfy all your cravings, the book is a virtual embarrassment of riches. I'm also set to acquire the Hermetic Tarot, which is another GD adherent, and the Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot, which seems to bore you a bit lol. The latter closely follows C. C. Zain's book The Sacred Tarot, which is chockful of arcane symbolism itself.

Among the G.D. decks, the Regardie-Wang Golden Dawn Tarot and Duquette's Tarot of Ceremonial Magick has fully-fleshed out companion books that deeply delve into their systems, although the latter also supports other knowledge branches such as the Enochian tablets, Goetia, etc. I don't currently possess any of them though.
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