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Threads on Magick and Rituals

Please PM me about threads or even posts that I missed:

Tarot Card Spell Crafting

Have you used tarot for spells/magic(k)/rituals? (Poll)

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Full Moon manifestations using cards

Blessing/Prayer before a reading

TAROT & Planetary Ritual: SATURN

TAROT & Daily protection rituals

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Tarot + Ritual Magic (Tyson)

Tarot Spells

Interpreting cards related to magic spells

Tarot Magick to get a suitable job

Tarot and Spellwork

Separate deck for spellwork?

Tarot Dedicating

Wands are fire, swords are air...or maybe not...!

Do you cleanse your decks?

Holding space for Tarot Time

Raising your vibration before reading

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