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Unhappy Seven Swords /Messenger vs. Youth Swords /Hacker

IMHO - If there is anything I would argue about in this deck as something I feel missed the point entirely or is incorrect, it is these two cards. I strongly feel that they should have been reversed - that the Seven Swords should be the Hacker, and the Youth Swords the messenger. This is based on my personal understanding/explanation of the cards, and based on what I wrote in my books about them. Bear with me a moment ~

In the world of TB's Tarot Mindset, the Pages deal in messages; different types and from different sources. The Pages (Youths) also have distinct personalities. The Page of Swords is fast and swift and moves about with news that might bring sudden unhappiness because it is possibly unhappy, the wrong news,or comes to late to be of any good.
The Seven of Swords - in RWS a man stealing swords from a military camp and stealing away, unseen - the concept of 'Gain coming from unexpected sources' is right there: The man stole the swords right out from under their noses and has gotten away with it. People have not yet discovered that something prized has been taken or lost.

In my mindset, the man stealing the swords equates exactly to the hacker- someone who sneaks in and destroys or removes things from your files, hard drive, or off your desktop. He comes in and leaves undetected. The only way you know he was there is because something of importance is missing. And he is impossible to trace once he has your files, credit card info, or identity.

Likewise, the Page of Swords zipping about as a man on the skateboard also translates well; in those messenger pouches could be rags or riches, good news or bad. He could lose an envelope, or deliver one to the wrong address. To me, he is the embodiment of the Page of Swords.

I feel that the images are placed on the wrong cards and if it was my deck I'd have them changed with the next printing, reversing their LWB commentaries, too. However, I am not the creator of this deck. So, what I will probably do is merely read the cards as each other when they come up in a spread. The querent would probably never know.
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