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Cool dialogue ...

Oh, good - because I hope that people don't think I'm bitching at Lee for the sake of being The Bitchy Bear!

To continue the thought about RWS-related decks - and I have been criticised elsewhere for this - when you are given a new deck the first thing you do is open it and see what you can figure out about it, based on what you already know. Do not forget, I teach tarot classes and beginners have to start somewhere; they can't make the transition from seeing a deck with a strawberry ice cream sundae on it and read it as the Four of Swords. There are some who feel that the Marseilles is the Only Tarot Deck; that's nice, maybe it is, but a beginner can't read with this deck without some kind of explanation. Once again, they will compare it to what they already are familiar with, or whatever their current reading literature is trying to explain.

As I said in another thread, describing a card - that my immediate reaction was that it was the Knight of Swords and -- it wasn't- according to the deck designer. With my experience reading, I can just make the leap to what it's supposed to be - in my mind. With these two cards, I will just read them as I see them, regardless of what the card says they are.

I really do like this deck!
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