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Crystal Collection for a Budding Enthusiast

I just started an in depth study of the Tarot late last year, and in the course of my readings, I have met so many references that suggest crystals as a means of opening up one's intuition. I got very much interested, and pursuing a quick detour from my Tarot studies, read all I can about them. I was very much fascinated to say the least, and have learned at least the rudiments of crystal metaphysics, though I know I still have so much to learn.

Since the past month, I have been on a bit of a crystal buying spree. Specifically, I wanted to collect crystals that would help me enhance my intuition, focusing on the third eye and crown chakra. That's why a lot of the crystals I amassed focused on these chakra in combination with others. I also decided to collect powerful grounding and protecting stones that would tether me back to earth after all those ethereal meditations.

This is my collection, which apart from the pendulums and some tumble stones, I mostly got only last month:

Large Crystals:

* Labradolite polished boulder that weighs one kilogram
* Amethyst raw geode that just fits my palm
Black Tourmaline raw crystal on a stand


* Rose Quartz on a string studded with chakra crystal chip bracelets
* Red Jasper on a silver chain

Tumble Stones:

* Crown Chakra - Clear Quartz
* Brow Chakra - Sodalite, Amethyst
Throat Chakra - Blue Agate
Heart Chakra - Green Quartz, Green Aventurine
Solar Plexus Chakra - Citrine
Sacral Chakra - Carnelian
Base Chakra - Haematite


* Blue Kyanite smooth blade
* Uruguayan Amethyst cluster
* Clear Phantom Quartz oval
Ammonite pair


* Amethyst pair
* Pietersite, primarily red and blue (stone of truth)
* Iolite
* Dumortierite
* Prehnite with Epidotes
* Lapis Lazuli
* Labradorite
Tiger's Eye
Green Aventurine
Rainbow Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline
Rhyolite Jasper
Dragon Vein Agate

Crystals listed with a * are those which I plan to use primarily for meditatory, divinatory, and esoteric purposes

For these I have also bought some white sage smudges and incense. That is my preferred way to cleanse them, although I am also planning to buy a brass singing bowl for quick cleansing, meditation, and as a centering preliminary ritual before any reading.

According to The Book of Stones by Simmons and Ahsian, the spiritual crystal correspondence for the Tarot are Creedite, Dumortierite, Herderite, Iolite, and Pietersite, so I'm gonna find me some Creedite and Herderite I guess. Dumortierite is particularly known as the Tarot Stone, while Prehnite has been regarded as the Stone of Prophecy.

I'm curious if there are more crystals you can suggest that would help me sharpen my intuition? Moldavite and Super Seven are next on my list, and I hear very good things about Libyan Desert Glass. One of my sources cited a rare ascension stone that can also be used for grounding (whoa), I forgot which. I am also thinking of buying a Seraphinite bracelet for myself, after I gave one to my sister as a New Year's gift. It looks so fine! I am thinking of pairing it up with an Angelite bracelet and a Celestite geode, to be used in celestial meditations that might also prove helpful in deeply spiritual readings I plan to perform soon. Only thing is, they have a rather low Moh hardness so they might be too fragile.

What crystals can you recommend that you feel helped enhance your intuition and foresight? I hope these are hardy stones that would not easily chip and break. Do you always wear them, or do you only use them on special occasions, such as during readings or meditations. I've read that always wearing upper chakra, high frequency, and ascension stones tend to make one feel unmoored and light headed, so after every session I always ground myself. Whenever possible I wear my Black Tourmaline bracelet, which is also a particularly effective protective stone that also happens to match my birthday. Regarding that, I am also planning to purchase Black Onyx and Black Obsidian bracelets soon. Can you recommend other very good grounding stones that worked in your experience? In what form do you keep them - as bracelets, pendants, tumble stones that you keep in your pocket, etc.?

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