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other grounding stones, (which I forgot to include in the above post) that I've found to be wonderful for me are black tourmaline and hematite. My favorite stone has to be the Rose Quartz though. I hold it in my hands and truly can feel the love and protection it has in its properties. I absolutely LOVE the rose quartz and would say it is my favorite crystal overall for the feelings it gives to me.

I love to wear my crystals, so I have a lot of crystal jewelry. I also have a little pouch that can be worn as a necklace too, and it can hold many crystals in it. I rarely wear it as a necklace though, but will use it to hold a variety of crystals. I often just stuff it into my pockets. Sometimes I am drawn to only keeping one specific crystal with me, and will stuff one of each in my pocket. I tend to buy crystals in pairs a lot, (except for the moldavite and pietersite).
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