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Originally Posted by Padma View Post
If you really want to set your crown chakra on fire, get some Herkimer diamond (it is a quartz crystal - make sure you buy from a very reputable source)
this, I did NOT know. NY has an area where you can dig for the herkimer diamonds. I've never been - yet, but always wanted to. I do own some that I purchased, but it would be very cool to find my own in the ground!


Also azotic topaz, which reflects many colours, and "sings" at a super high frequency. Sometimes I cannot wear mine, as its top note is so high!
wow. very interesting. I'm interested in checking this one out too.


Selenite will help to keep your crystals cleansed - I have a big tower of it in my crystal dish.

Garnet is very good for grounding, as well as to keep the heart chakra open and strong.

Ruby (opaque) is very good for protection; wear on the left side of your body, ring or bracelet. Star ruby enhances intuition.

There are many more, but I figured this is enough to begin with
great stones mentioned here, Padma.
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