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Originally Posted by celticnoodle View Post
other grounding stones, (which I forgot to include in the above post) that I've found to be wonderful for me are black tourmaline and hematite. My favorite stone has to be the Rose Quartz though. I hold it in my hands and truly can feel the love and protection it has in its properties. I absolutely LOVE the rose quartz and would say it is my favorite crystal overall for the feelings it gives to me.
Yep I have those three in my collection too. And I agree so much on the rose quartz. I gave my brother's bride-to-be a teardrop gem-grade rose quartz pendant as a New Year's gift. When I looked at it I was simply in awe, it was so elegant and regal and yeah, very much like the crystal embodiment of the Empress card. So I bought another one for my mom, who has a passion for anything rosy, and she absolutely loved it too. I'm thinking of buying another one for myself, not to wear of course! Merely to look at and admire, it has such a calming presence.
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