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Originally Posted by Padma View Post
If you really want to set your crown chakra on fire, get some Herkimer diamond (it is a quartz crystal - make sure you buy from a very reputable source)

Also azotic topaz, which reflects many colours, and "sings" at a super high frequency. Sometimes I cannot wear mine, as its top note is so high!

Selenite will help to keep your crystals cleansed - I have a big tower of it in my crystal dish.

Garnet is very good for grounding, as well as to keep the heart chakra open and strong.

Ruby (opaque) is very good for protection; wear on the left side of your body, ring or bracelet. Star ruby enhances intuition.

There are many more, but I figured this is enough to begin with

Hey Padma, thanks for the suggestions!

Yeah I've heard of the Herkimer diamond mentioned in the same breath as the moldavite, which is just as rare here in my country too. Question though, I've heard of Pakimer diamonds. Do they have the same effect?

I have not heard of azotic topaz, so I guess I have to research on that one. They do look very dazzling though (I mean, from pics in the internet). All those colors! It might give a high quality opal a run for its money.

A friend of mine keeps his crystals close to an orange selenite cube that he claims is effective, and your statement confirms it must be. I have not seen a selenite tower yet, but I'm very interested now in acquiring an eight-inch raw selenite wand that my source may still have on her inventory. I hope that would be effective too? How often do you cleanse/purify your selenite tower btw? With a Moh hardness of 2, it must be very fragile and brittle, so do you take extra precautions to protect it?

I have seen an almandine garnet bracelet that is not too expensive, so I guess I'm gonna check it out again. Being a guy, wearing black onyx/tourmaline/obsidian or gray haematite/labradorite bracelets might get too limiting after a while. A dark garnet just might be a viable alternative.

Now, the star ruby that you say enhances intuition interests me. Ruby is just a kind of corundum, right? So would a star sapphire be as effective, since it is just a corundum too? Sapphire is also my birthstone, so if it is a viable alternative, I would seriously consider purchasing one. By the way, what is the story behind wearing a ruby on your left side? Does that apply to sapphires too?

I hope you do not mind that I have so many questions. I'm just a beginner at this, and while I may just google all of this, I think nothing really beats the advice of an expert. It's like citing a peer-reviewed journal for your thesis instead of wikipedia (which nevertheless still remains a magnificent fount of information).
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