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Padma is a good site to check out for meanings and types. they have assembled information from the book of stones you mention (by Robert Simmons) (and if you have that book, look up the star ruby and sapphire in there) as well as Melody, Cassandra Eason, and a few others of note.

Also here is Robert Simmon's online meanings list

One wears ruby on the left side of the body, as it is meant to resonate with one's heart beat and one's blood flow to and from the heart.

Sapphire is awesome! I wear a large pink one almost every day. Blue sapphire is very grounding, I find. Helps you to be wise and settled, very practical stone. I also have a padparadsha sapphire (red/orange) that I find very invigorating to wear

Selenite is made basically of salt. It is fragile, yes! But not so bad as all that, if cared for and handled properly, there should be no issue. You should never soak it in water, due to it being basically a chunk of salt! I have a selenite wand also which I like to use for physical healing/cleansing. It requires no cleansing, much like kyanite, carnelian, orange calcite and smoky topaz.

I forgot to mention the smoky topaz, good grounding stone! Tiger's eye in blue and also in yellow is also a very powerful and protective stone to wear, and it is not overly expensive. Labradorite is excellent protection to wear, I cannot remember if that was on your bracelet or pendant list, if not, please do consider it. I have a pendant that very much acts like a shield

If you look at the "stickies" at the beginning or top of the crystal sub-forum threads list, you will see a great deal of information on crystal studies, cleansing methods, etc etc.

Almandine is a lovely garnet to wear - such a bright and dazzling red! I have some too, I love it. Garnet is my fave stone, I think. It works so well with so many other stones. It's the deeper side of the pairs wonderfully with citrine, imo!

Have fun with your crystal studies - they really do enrich one's life in so many ways!
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