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I'm jumping into this thread a bit haphazardly but, I have a few questions maybe someone here can help me on. First, I am fairly new to the tarot, my first deck because I was completely drawn in was the Hermetic Tarot. I have been using it often and interchanging with the RWS. I realize now they are slightly different perspectives, and have differing roots, it seems.

The Hermetic feels very Qabbalistic(not sure how to spell this), dense with astrological and esoteric symbols. Sometimes it is hard for me to fully grasp what I am seeing. Whereas the RWS is more accessible. As a begiinner would anyone here recommend focusing on one tradition first and familiarizing myself with one fully, for example the Hermetic? And could anyone point me towards resources to begin my studies, as far as Qabbalah and astrology go?
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