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Hi dolphinprincess, I'd be happy to tell you how I've used them.
I have taken them to the fair I do readings at and I let people pick a card at the end of their reading.
Often it very nicely sums up their reading.
One funny story about that~ One of my clients picked Avarice at the end of his reading, and he said, "What's that mean?"
So I gently expalained to him that he might be trying to take more than his due in life.
And his reading had been all questions about how he could get the most money out of his up coming divorce! lol.

I do, do personal readings with them....I find them sometimes brutally honest.
They tend to bring out those very deep things you know internally but you don't want to talk or think about.
Like the day I asked about my diet.
I got right in a row~Guilt, indulgence, forgiveness, sacrifice, patience, loss, completion and joy.
As each card came up I couldn't believe how clearly I saw a pattern of my struggle in those cards.
And the hope of a joyful outcome.

My most enjoyable experience with these cards is with a hypnosis CD set I use.
Expanded Intuition by Thomas Condon.
As I listen to the CD I slowly go through the cards.
I always seem to settle on a card and then that card is the gateway to my session.
It feels sometimes like I go right into the card.

As far as actual use goes this has been my best oracle buy this year.
And they are breathtakingly beautiful....
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