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Originally Posted by celticnoodle View Post
I was going to mention moldavite and super seven, but you already have them on your list. My moldavite is just a small sliver of a crystal, but so powerful! So, be careful when you pick yours out. Hold it in your hand and see how it makes you feel. Then, also purchase another crystal to go with it to help 'tame' it.

When I first got my moldavite, I didn't really know a lot about it. I just saw it in the store and thought it was beautiful, especially as 'green' is my favorite color. The moldavite I own was made into a necklace with silver wire wrapped around the crystal. I began to wear it almost immediately and also 'almost' immediately, began to have severe headaches that were very debilitating. Massive migraines plagued me for days.

I mentioned this to the store owner, (as I worked there where I purchased this crystal)-and she explained the possible issue, recommended a grounding stone, such as pietersite. I purchased the pietersite and also began to leave the moldavite necklace outside of my bedroom at night as I slept, in another room. Viola! the headaches/migraines ceased. I had to build up to its power. Never had a crystal affect me so like moldavite. So do your research for crystals that are good to pair with it, and keep you grounded when you are using it.

The super seven I received came from a sweet lady here on A.T. who sold it to me. She had it in her collection for a number of years, and Ihave to say just holding it gives me a feeling of peace inside. I actually have two pieces that fits nicely in my hand, so I like to hold one in each hand when I meditate. It just feels like a stone that envelopes you in peace. Very loving and gentle, but also very powerful. I love it as it also never requires a cleansing and it is also good to cleanse and energize other crystals kept near it.
celticnoodle, I have a small correction to make: moldavite is not a crystal, it does not have a crystalline structure. It is the solidification of fusion rocks that were hit by a meteorite. Therefore it has the structure of glass.
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