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Originally Posted by yannie View Post
Dude, if/when I visit the Philippines I so would love to go crystal shopping there. I like comparing between countries - eg I've been to crystal shops in HK. They should be easy to find in any of the malls in Manila I hope?
Hey Yannie! Wow, I do hope you'd find yourself in our shores one time.

Yup, there are highly reputable crystal stores in many of our behemoth malls, and they do have pretty extensive collections. But since they must pay a premium for renting space, it adversely impacts the prices of their wares. Because of this, I mostly source my crystals through highly trusted private dealers.

I do not know how their mall store prices compare with other Asian countries. Although we have an extensive mining industry, we focus more on minerals rather than crystals. There are still some local crystals, like serpentine, tektites, etc. that you can get for a steal though.

BUT if you are on the hunt for pearls, then you can hardly do better than here. It's my mom's birthstone, and her eye for these babies (and diamonds) is basically peerless. Her collection is STUNNING. There's a not so fancy array of shops right here in the capital that looks like Neptune opened his trove right smack in a tropical concrete market. I know my fellow Manileņos know or have heard of this one. Ropes and handfuls and clutches of pearls, either by their lonesome or finely set, at hyper-competitive prices. This is a place that society matrons and diplomats' wives and, some say, even European royalty have graced. They sell all kinds and hues, but nothing beats the glory of our inimitable Golden South Sea pearls. We make it a point to take our female American clients to this market, and they are downright gobsmacked at the prices. They keep on asking "This is genuine, right? No really? Are you kidding me?" And that is before my female colleague begins to haggle. After that we're all pretty much friends for life.

A few tips though: wear dowdy clothes, and make sure you have a companion who knows her pearls, and who has shopped there a few times. The bargains that would rain down would have you leaving the market feeling like Christmas morning.

I guess this is one of the reasons why the Philippines is known as the Pearl of the Orient Seas.
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