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How unfortunate for you when there are some AMAZING readers out there. Incredible, jaw dropping, on to it readers that do get "future" predictions right even if it is not the basis of their readings. And not just Tarot readers.

I probably only get 10% accuracy and I am absolutely fine with it!

Predictions are not set in stone nor is the future. Some things are not meant to be known and there are "variables" that can change what happens not to mention free will.


Originally Posted by tarot_quest View Post
Hi ATers!

I did not see tons of tarot readers or psychic in my life (about 6?), and all of them were quite wrong in their predictions.

I understand the rule that at best, the accuracy reach 80-90%, but all of those readers were far from this ''statistic''.

My future just unfolded lately, and I have not been accepted in a very competitive program that would have required years of commitment. 3 different tarot readers told me that I was sure to get in. Of course, I tried to do not think about these predictions and I prepared a lot to get accepted.

Even if I love Tarot, I am starting to think that I should not see professional tarot readers again. They also made a lot of other inaccurate predictions and wrong assumptions about my present life and other wrong predictions.

So here is my question: Have you already had a useful and accurate tarot (psychic) reading? Do you think that all of these readers made mistakes on important life events because I was not meant to know?
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