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Originally Posted by DownUnderNZer View Post
How unfortunate for you when there are some AMAZING readers out there. Incredible, jaw dropping, on to it readers that do get "future" predictions right even if it is not the basis of their readings. And not just Tarot readers.

I probably only get 10% accuracy and I am absolutely fine with it!

Predictions are not set in stone nor is the future. Some things are not meant to be known and there are "variables" that can change what happens not to mention free will.

I wish I could see a good tarot reader! I already saw an astrologer that was quite impressive and accurate (she only did one ''big'' mistake: she kept saying that a certain someone was going to come back in my life last year, but he never did).

I agree that predictions are not set in stone That is why I did my best for my application and met with some applicant that were accepted to get some tips to improve my application. I just find it curious that 3 tarot readers were sure that I was going to get accepted
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