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Originally Posted by tarot_quest View Post
Hi everyone,

there are lots of assumptions about what I did or did not do. So to be clear:

- I saw these 3 tarot readers months apart. I went to have these readings not to talk about me applying in a program, but to get more insight about my life (love, soul purpose, career,...) and to have a fun experience

- Of course I gave them information about me when necessary and I answer their questions nicely. I did not try to trick or test them.

- I did not go to see 3 readers with the same question (will I get accepted in my program?). I went to have a general reading about my life.
I'm sorry if you read this as my implying that you tried to trick them, or that you tried to ask the same question three times. That wasn't my intention. My intention was more to bring focus to the question, and to ensure that it's framed in a way that allows you to proactively make the changes that allow you to live your life to the fullest.
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