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From the start she was on to it with no predictions in the mix.

No numerology or astrology that I can remember.

She told me straight away something that I thought I could hide - not many tune in to that about me. Not at all! And she delved into one part of my past really well too which sealed the deal.

She was truly the bomb dot com and only cost $40 with no time limit.

The only thing that did not appeal to me about her - was her interest in the demonic or curses. The dark side.

But she doesn't force it on anyone and is a top notch reader.


Originally Posted by tarot_quest View Post
Ok she was really 100% accurate... May I ask you if you felt comfortable around her? Did you feel that the reading was spot on while she was doing it or only when the predictions unfolded?

Because for the astrologer who was accurate, when she was talking, I felt like if I ''hit'' a wall, but in a nice way. her truth were shocking and revealing. When I saw her a third time (years apart), her accuracy decreased a lot. This is very strange......
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