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Well to be fair many Dr's, scientists and engineers are also wrong, and quite frequently so. It seems strange to me that just because psychics are maligned as being frauds that people expect accuracy levels well above that of any other profession just to 'prove' that it's useful or valid. People readily accept a Dr's diagnosis could be wrong and don't go around calling the Dr concerned a fraud. My ex-dentist told me 5yrs ago that I needed $3k worth of preventative work within 9 months. The three other dentists I've seen since have made no such suggestions and I've had X-rays, examinations and repair work done since then. People are wrong all the time, because they are people and prone to bias and mistakes.

To my mind life is a fluid process and one that no-one really understands. We ascribe meaning to events and processes in life because it's psychologically comforting to think there is a larger pattern or meaning to it all. Even more comforting to be able to read those signs and patterns for ourselves because it gives a sense of security that wouldn't exist otherwise.

I'm still divided on whether tarot actually has any mechanism behind it or whether it's just my own need to make sense of it all, that ascribes a meaning that isn't there. I can't decide one way or the other. I've had readings done by other people and I generally take away what works for me and discard the rest. I recently had a reading where the reader suggested I would end up with a particular type of man. I know that to be wrong because it goes against my basic preferences in life and I can't see myself in a relationship with someone who has nothing in common with me. I think what she was really doing there was projecting her own preferences onto his description and insisting that was the love of my life. I took it with a grain of salt.
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