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I'm in the "insight and perspective" camp, too. Taking tarot pronouncements too literally shuts out many of the nuances that make the act of reading so rich. These subtleties are often what shed the most light on a matter when a straightforward approach doesn't connect. Prediction in a simple "Yes or No" sense is certainly possible, but what often emerges for the more insightful reader is a resounding "Maybe . . . but." A good reader has the skill and sensitivity to tease these highlights out of the reading. I'm thinking a useful analogy might be a barometer that has the ability to communicate upcoming changes in the weather more effectively than a thermometer, which is primarily a "lagging indicator." There are usually more variables at work than a single-pointed measurement can convey.

I also agree with the observation that face-to-face interaction is crucial to achieving the best result, but it appears that the readings in question were all interactive rather than remote. So it comes down to how wide a net the reader is able to cast.
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