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Originally Posted by Citrin View Post
I have had readings that felt "inaccurate", meaning I didn't recognize myself in the description of me as a person or my life situation, and the predictions turned out wrong. Then again, there were bits and pieces of the reading that resonated and helped me in some way, so I didn't see it as a waste of time or money.
I had the same experience too. Most of the readings that I had were inaccurate, but part of it did resonate (so I also learn about myself).

Originally Posted by Citrin View Post
What does that mean? I honestly don't know! Are there bad readers out there? Did the reader have a bad day? Was the "connection" off? Did I do something to block the reader? I'll probably never know the answer.
Those are good questions to ask Citrin! I already had those questions in mind and I agree that we will probably never know, which maybe adds to the mystery of it?

I agree that Tarot is not a science and your example about the girl who asked about her chances to get back with her ex is a good one because she only retains what she needed to hear instead of listening to the ''but...'' In my case, I asked these readers if this career would suit me and they all said ''oh yes! You will get accepted, no worries, this is your place''. Honestly, I was wondering if they would have warn me against something or told me ''You know, there is a chance, but...'' but they did not.

Thanks for your reply, you write really well
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