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Originally Posted by Saskia View Post
How many years ago was this, tarot-quest? And did these readers say "yes it's perfect for you" or "yes you'll get in"? Something can be perfect for you in theory... Also, maybe it's still to happen or was it just one time opportunity?
Hi Saskia,

I saw these 3 readers within a bit less than 2 years (always with a minimum of 6 months between readings). Yes, 2 of them were convinced that it was my place and said that I was going to like this job even in 20 years down the road, that I was going to met a love interest there, and lots of info surrounding the job.

Was it a one time opportunity to get into this program? Well, yes and no. I wanted to enter medicine after my PhD. It's the second time I tried. The first time I did not get to the interview and this year I did the interview. I really gave my best and prepared, but so many people try to get in the program and I am just thinking that if I try again and again, I will not do much better for the interview because I have been myself and authentic. Which brings me to your second point

Originally Posted by Saskia View Post
It's a shame you got inaccurate info. However, IMO, things happen in life for us we to grow so possibly in the grand scheme of things you're better off not attending this program (something better will come up).
This is comforting to hear! Thanks

I am in my late twenties. If I wait and wait to get accepted, I will start the program (if I get in) and spend so many years studying. Maybe life has other plans for me? I ask the cards which career or field would suit me twice within the last 2 years (including yesterday) and I got the death card. I have no clue but I will stay proactive and I hope that life will bring nice opportunities
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