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Originally Posted by azucena.alev View Post
I'm definitely someone that reads in terms of providing insight as opposed to answering Yes/No questions. A lot of times I read for people and they ask about their ex coming back, or if they'll get a job, etc. and the cards show that they actually need to focus on something entirely different. "Yes, I know you want to find the love of your life right now...but what about your financial situation? The cards think that you need to give some attention there first?" And some people don't like this reading style, which may be why the readers you went to tried to focus more on the predictions and positivity.
I really like your reading style! I also think that the most ''pressing'' issues are important to consider. I don't feel that I got so much insight from these readers. It was predictions after predictions.

I would LOVE to meet a reader that gives me insight about my life. For now, my self reading are a bit better than when I meet readers... Still, I would like to get an appointment with an experiment tarot reader and get insights about my life. Maybe one day!
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