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Originally Posted by Saskia View Post
Hi tarot_quest, I get your frustration after receiving unhelpful or inaccurate readings. However, I think your opening is a bit of a generalisation, "why so many tarot readers are wrong". In essence, your experience is about 3 readers and you say you've never had an insightful reading done, whereas quite a few people here on AT and outside of it feel they've received plenty of wise and accurate advice from tarot readers/psychichs.
Thanks for your message

I can generalise because as I mentioned in my other replies, I saw 6 readers and all of them did some mistakes in their predictions (and about my current life at that moment). I understand that readers can't be 100% accurate, but all of them were below 20-30% accuracy. I am just honest here. Does it mean that I don't believe in Tarot? No, I am fascinated by this discipline. I also did some accurate predictions in my readings for others. As I said earlier, I saw a very impressive astrologer. She did some mistakes but she was about 80% accurate, I would say

Also, I felt that I had signs and that it was my place to enter this program, but I am starting to think that there is a difference between what I should experience and what I wished. When you mentioned a ''grand scheme'' for me (better than this program, something more suited), it resonated a lot for some reasons....

If some ATers are interested, I recommend to read this article about predictions
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