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Said it before - comes down to "variables" and "free will".

Exactly what that article writes really.

"Variables" like "taking the wrong street" and things that are not in anyone's control like "natural disasters".

However, some readers are accurate with predictions and more that 70% to 80%. Some have proven that to me in my life.

The old woman that read me years ago, my first real reading really, was accurate to a fault.

The names she told me came in paperwork first, well -at least two about 6 months after, and then the other two later on when going to the USA. And then there were the twins and my father's name. Maybe even my mothers.

Oopppps, maybe 7 or 8 actually. Point is: She was on the mark with names.

ALL OF THEM - the only thing she didn't quite pronounce correctly, however, was the Spanish name, but she was right. At least four of those names did not come into my life until later, but within a year of the reading.

And she told me these words exactly - I have never forgotten them to this day:

"Two of you will go to the USA only one of you will stop near the border between the USA and Canada - and the other will cross over to Canada".

And it was TRUE.

I was the one that went to Buffalo and my friend, chosen for "Lion Rotary", went to Quebec, Canada.

The two names that turned up in the paperwork were the names of my host father and mother and at the time I went to see the reader I had applied as an exchange student, but was not approved for it.

So, there was no way I knew them or could influence that outcome.

And when I was waiting I did almost choose not to see her because the woman in the waiting room with me had seen her 5 years before and was told that one of her daughter's would be in a serious car accident only would triumph over it to become a role model for other paraplegics. She did not tell the woman which daughter, but wanted her to be comforted that it would not be a true disability in the sense of the word.

As it turned out she watched her oldest daughter like a hawk because she was into sports, hanging out with her friends, and going to parties. Typical 16 yr old.

Only it was not the oldest one at all that got in to a car accident. It was the younger one and she was 13 years old when it happened in a car with other kids and a different mother driving.

She did become a paraplegic for life. At first she went through all the hardships of adjusting and what have you, but then she turned it around for herself by accepting it and making it less of a disability by getting into paraplegic sports etc.

This mother must have traveled 3 or 4 hours to see this reader because she was that spot on.

I was absolutely mortified as I was afraid she would tell me something bad.

She was one of the BEST I have ever seen in my entire life and she just read the Tarot and photos I think (didn't have any) and I do not recall her needing dates or doing Astrology or Numerology. Nothing like that.

For the kind of details she gave I do not think Numerology, Astrology, or maybe even the cards could go into that kind of depth or insight.

She was AMAZING!!!!!

P.S. I actually skipped school that day to see her. My father had no idea and would have grounded me if he found out. My older married sister and I went to see her as she was like an hour away from us. She was WORTH every cent!

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Thanks for your message

I can generalise because as I mentioned in my other replies, I saw 6 readers and all of them did some mistakes in their predictions (and about my current life at that moment). I understand that readers can't be 100% accurate, but all of them were below 20-30% accuracy. I am just honest here. Does it mean that I don't believe in Tarot? No, I am fascinated by this discipline. I also did some accurate predictions in my readings for others. As I said earlier, I saw a very impressive astrologer. She did some mistakes but she was about 80% accurate, I would say

Also, I felt that I had signs and that it was my place to enter this program, but I am starting to think that there is a difference between what I should experience and what I wished. When you mentioned a ''grand scheme'' for me (better than this program, something more suited), it resonated a lot for some reasons....

If some ATers are interested, I recommend to read this article about predictions
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