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Originally Posted by DownUnderNZer View Post
Said it before - comes down to "variables" and "free will".

Exactly what that article writes really.
I am glad you look at the article! The first time I read it, it really changed my perspective about predictions. This men saw hundreds of psychics and said that less than half of these predictions were accurate or almost accurate.

Originally Posted by DownUnderNZer View Post
However, some readers are accurate with predictions and more that 70% to 80%. Some have proven that to me in my life.

The old woman that read me years ago, my first real reading really, was accurate to a fault.
This is a good exemple of accuracy and very impressive. I am surprised that she could even say names.... She really has a gift or something to be able to predict future events with such accuracy!

Originally Posted by DownUnderNZer View Post
... her daughter's would be in a serious car accident only would triumph over it to become a role model for other paraplegics. She did not tell the woman which daughter, but wanted her to be comforted that it would not be a true disability in the sense of the word..... Only it was not the oldest one at all that got in to a car accident. It was the younger one and she was 13 years old when it happened in a car with other kids and a different mother driving.....She did become a paraplegic for life. At first she went through all the hardships of adjusting and what have you, but then she turned it around for herself by accepting it and making it less of a disability by getting into paraplegic sports etc.
wooooooo! This story is very touching. Poor girl, really. Could we say that this little girl decided (or planed) to experience this situation if the psychic saw it? I feel that I should not complain after hearing a story like this. I am very impressed that she became a role model for paraplegic people. She is a very strong and resilient person
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