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Originally Posted by Grizabella View Post
For me, the houses are always the same order as the numbers of the deck. For instance, the 1 is the Rider, the 2 is Clover, etc. etc. throughout the houses. The shuffled cards go on top of the houses and give a mingled meaning with the house a card lands on. For instance, if you were reading about your marriage or relationship, the Mice on the house of the Heart would mean there's some little issue that's gradually eating away at your relationship, weakening it.
My apologies Grizabella, i've only just realized your reply.

I know that the houses go in their question was more about the houses meanings.

Heart i think is quite an easy house as its about feelings/romance mice on this just like your example in my eyes would mean, feelings that are getting lesser or even like a nervous energy of feelings like when you first meet someone.

BUT as each card has such a wide spectrum of meanings, would the houses always just have the one meaning i.e heart - emotions, ring - partnership, clover - small etc....because my thoughts was, say if the house of fish is ALWAYS going to represent finances, then what about if your doing a GT based on romance and the heart card landed in this you understand what i mean, because then i wouldn't be wanting to read the house of (fish) as money, id more want to read it as having deep feelings or something along them lines.

So thats where my original question came from, that maybe the houses are much like the cards and depending on the question the GT's thrown for and what card lands in that house, then could this be possible that the houses can be fluid and change like the cards.
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