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Originally Posted by ravenest View Post
No, they ripped you off and you got done . How did they know about this job , by themselves or did you tell them - that should be an indication for you.
That's a good point!

Psychic/ tarot reader 1: She said that in a past live I was an obstetrician and that I also worked in psychiatry. Then I mentioned my plan to apply to medicine and that it did not work out the first time. She said that it was my place, that I did a mistake in my application (in the 3rd paragraph) and I don't know if she got it by chance, but the first time my application was rejected (the written form). She was sure that I was going to get accepted and that I was going to still like it in 20 years.

Tarot reader/astrologer 2: I asked him at the end if medicine would be a good plan for me, and he said that it was going to work without saying more

Card reader/psychic 3: After I passed my last medicine interview (so everything was already ''set''), I asked her in the middle of the reading if medicine would be a good option and she said yes. At the end of the reading, I did not ask her and she said ''I will do a spread to see if you will get accepted'' and then she said ''Oh yes! For sure you will get in this year!'' and she said that I was going to meet a love interest there...

So yes, I gave some info. Now other people on AT would argue that not giving any info is not a good thing. I tried to give just enough information to get a good reading
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