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The easiest way for me to learn the meanings of the Lenormands was to assign one--or at most two---meanings to each card. Then I began learning to read two cards at a time and then 3 at a time, etc. Then 9 card readings as described in the Rana George book. What works best and most clearly for me is to stick to the one card meaning for the underlying houses but more fluidly in the cards on top of the underlying houses.

I think when we learn Tarot before Lenormand, we tend to feel that we can read totally intuitively with Lenormand like we do with Tarot. That isn't the case. We do combine meanings with multiple cards but there's not as much leeway as we can use with Tarot. I even saw someone post a "quint" card in this sub-forum the other day. The two methods of reading can be combined by using both kinds of deck together, but they're very different and distinct, as I've learned the cards, and I think technique is important. Of course, anyone can do what they want with using any kind of cards, but I get the best and clearest results when I don't try to change the whole way of reading the Lenormand. Its real value is in the speed and clarity one gets with these cards. Trying to jumble up the two decks muddies the water while just using the two kinds of cards to reflect off of each other is much more efficient and gives the best readings. For instance, if you want to use a "quint", use it with your Tarot but leave the Lenormand reading to traditional methods and meanings. Of course, this is just one person's opinion and I'm speaking about how it works for me. If something else works for you, then by all means, do what works best for you.
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