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Why so many Tarot readers or psychics are wrong?

Originally Posted by DownUnderNZer View Post
One other story I was told by a UK friend of a psychic reader somewhere there in Great Britain.

She had a bunch of young 20 something year old girls come through to see her as part of a "birthday" celebration early one night and read each of them separately. At the end of each reading, as part of her custom, she always gives a little card in an envelope with an extra added personal message on it. A Psychic message if you like.

With the last girl she read for that night she mostly told that girl things about her friends and family whether past, present or future etc, but nothing really specific to her.

The girl did mention this to some of the others when they went out clubbing or drinking for the remainder of the night, but didn't dwell on it.

The reason why the reader could tell her nothing about her really was because she knew there was no future for the girl. She couldn't see one. She knew the girl would die.

But what she did say to the girl before the reading ended was more or less:

"You enjoy tonight and have the most wonderful time and promise me that you wont open your envelope until tomorrow". That promise was made and kept.

She wanted the girl to be truly happy.

Hours later that young woman was killed in the car carrying her and her friends - and she was the only fatal casualty in it.

At her funeral (or not long after it) - when some one was going through her handbag they found that envelope still unopened and on opening it guess what was on the card?

Nothing - absolutely nothing. It was completely blank.

So, the question to you is, why?

NOTE: Death is not an area readers are meant to go in to at all and for obvious reasons.

that is awful. If she truly saw that coming (and believed it) it is appalling that she didn't warn this girl. Do you have anyway for us to verify that this actually happened? I would imagine something like this would have made the news. I think if a psychic really predicted this and her friends knew about it before the accident, they would be telling people about it
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