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It was discussed in a Psychic Medium chat forum, so don't know if it can be verified or not. But I tend to believe it was true as everyone present was Psychic or a Medium etc and I think it was all about "ethics" and so forth.

It came out through her friends.

An old woman in Melbourne, Australia, was told by a Psychic she would die within 6 to 8 months and was still alive and kicking a year later.

Not sure if I read that somewhere or was told it, but some things are BEST not disclosed for ethical reasons.

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Is there a way to verify this? that is awful. She couldn't warn the girl to be careful? If she truly saw that coming (and believed it) it is appalling that she didn't warn this girl. I am amazed but not in a good way. However, if this was true I would believe that this would've been on the news
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