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Don't think everything makes it into the news.

Could not find anything on my UK friend (Psychic Medium) who uncovered the skeleton of a baby boy (through the murdered boy himself) killed as a sacrifice by his own father buried in the cellar of the family house years after the fact, but then that happened before the internet came into existence.

And she gave me the names and location in the UK as well. Only nothing.

As for this other not sure when that happened, but I have known for at least 10 years and it was discussed in a Psychic Medium Chat room.


PS A man was stabbed 17 times the other day about 5 minutes from me and I have not read anything about him either. I would think that is news.

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In a perfect world, people would be bound by ethics. Sadly it's not a perfect world. I wish there was a way to verify that story. As disturbing as it is that the psychic didn't try to warn the girl, it would be very interesting if it turned out to be true. I think Her gift would be magical and we need more of that in the world
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