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Why so many Tarot readers or psychics are wrong?

Originally Posted by Saskia View Post
That's a tricky one, I think. If the psychic did not know when and how the girl would die, how could she warn her? Maybe she just saw nothing for the future and deduced there is no future, but how that future is going to be taken away was not clear. If you received a warning "you will die soon", would that help you or hinder you? You still wouldn't know what to look for, how to be careful. Will it be an illness or an accident? At home or out of home? Travelling abroad or during everyday commute? One's life would turn into a constant mine field and all the joy of life would be sucked.

Now, it's a completely different story if the psychic saw the car accident. But that was not mentioned in the story so we can't know.

I hope this is not too much off topic! Just thought to add, because what we can and can't see is not clear-cut or black and white by all means.

Well she said that she knew the girl had no future and would die. If a psychic warned me I would die, especially if I believed in a psychic enough to pay for one, I would take it seriously. No, she didn't mention how she would die but she must have known it would be that night because she told her not to open the envelope until the very next day ( a day she supposedly didn't live to see). Unless she planned for the girl to open the card the next day and call her to ask her why she gave her an envelope with a blank card? then maybe only then she would she have planned to tell the girl about her predicted doom?

Ps. if this is too off topic please moderators let me know. I'm just genuinely fascinated by the story and if this story is verifiable then maybe it could answer the op 's question
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