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The envelope wasn't empty - it had a blank card with no extra special message written on it. It was a choice the reader made as she saw no future. Nothing miraculous in that.

There are some readers that can tell you your exact date of death, but it is like an ability such as a Medium so not all of us have it, and there are also some that can help those as they are dying to transition from that exact moment to the next life. Just like some can see the soul before it is born.

Never seen things like that in the news either, but it does not mean it doesn't happen.

Originally Posted by olivia1 View Post
Well she said that she knew the girl had no future and would die. If a psychic warned me I would die, especially if I believed in a psychic enough to pay for one, I would take it seriously. No, she didn't mention how she would die but she must have known it would be that night because she told her not to open the envelope until the very next day ( a day she supposedly didn't live to see). Unless she planned for the girl to open the card the next day and call her to ask her why she gave her an empty envelope? then maybe only then she would she have planned to tell the girl about her predicted doom?

Ps. if this is too off topic please moderators let me know. I'm just genuinely fascinated by the story and if this story is verifiable then maybe it could answer the op 's question
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