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Why so many Tarot readers or psychics are wrong?

Originally Posted by DownUnderNZer View Post
The envelope wasn't empty - it had a blank card with no extra special message written on it. It was a choice the reader made as she saw no future. Nothing miraculous in that.

There are some readers that can tell you your exact date of death, but it is like an ability such as a Medium so not all of us have it, and there are also some that can help those as they are dying to transition from that exact moment to the next life. Just like some can see the soul before it is born.

Never seen things like that in the news either, but it does not mean it doesn't happen.

I think it's miraculous if the psychic indeed thought she would die that night. Do we at least have the girl's name so it could be verified?There was a news story about a good samaritan in his early 20s who paid for a woman's groceries. About a week later, when the lady finally tracked him down to thank him , she was told that he had recently died in an accident . That went viral.

I would imagine this girl's story would have been reported and someone would have mentioned the psychic. Unless it all happened prior to social media. Still, if the others were interviwed, it's a bit odd that the reporter didn't report it. It would have been a sensational story.

To the original poster: I'm trying to find verifiable proof of such things because as of now, I don't believe. My personal experience with psychics is that they are able to tell the present circumstances and sometimes even the past but I've never had an in depth non vague Prediction that happened 100% as predicted.

The best is maybe 50% of what was predicted came to be but I think it was coincidence. The closest thing to psychic I've ever had happen was when a psychic told me that my next manager would be named after a flower. That part was right by the rest was wrong. So I'm in the same boat as you. Except I hold onto the hope that there are people who can give me the experience others on here have had...I mean I haven't met every psychic so I can't say no one has the ability
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