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Feedback and personal experience

Originally Posted by avalonian View Post
The first reading I had was a card reading with playing cards, rather than tarot, so I didn't mention it in my earlier post, but the reading was extremely accurate. She asked me for something of mine to hold, gave me the cards to shuffle, and then just went through the cards, giving me predictions as she went. She stated clearly that she wanted no information from me at all.

At this time I had no contact at all with any members of my family for the previous 18 years, this is relevant.

She told me that someone was trying to find me - within a week I received a letter from my father, forwarded to my by the health authority, asking me to get in touch.

She said I would go to Germany. I had never been abroad (aged 37) and did not even have a passport, the idea of my going abroad seemed extremely unlikely. Six months later I was in Germany for my younger brother's wedding. At the time of the reading I didn't even know he lived there.

She said she saw me sitting on a veranda, which I totally forgot about until I was enjoying the sunshine on the veranda of my brother's house in Germany.

She also said that someone would tell lies and I would be angry, my elder brother's ex-wife did nothing but tell lies for the next five years (and to say I was angry is a bit of an understatement!).

There were other things she said that did come true, I can't remember them all now, but I do remember writing down notes at the reading, writing them in a book immediately afterwards, and then ticking them off one by one as they happened.

I only went for the reading out of curiosity and didn't really believe in any psychic stuff at all so when the predictions came true I was completely shocked, particularly regarding the letter from my father as that was totally out of my control. Friends were saying that I must have given her some clues, but she didn't let me tell her anything, in fact, she didn't let me speak at all, so the only way she could have made these predictions is by psychic ability.

That is very impressive with so many accurate details!

Now, how a psychic could see this events sometimes years in advance if we have free will and if these events were not ''planed'' by us... That is the question.

I would like to give two drastic examples, that are also very personal.

One of my little brothers had leukemia, a cancer easily treated in children with a very high remission rate. One of my aunt told me that my brother would never go over 12 years old. She dreamed about it. She told me this about 2 years before he passed away. Believe me, there was no clue about whether he was going to die or not when she did the prediction. I was hoping she would be wrong, but she was not.

About 2 years ago or so, I dreamed that my grandmother was going to pass away on an exact date. I could not believe it. Well, about a year ago, she died on the exact same date! I am assuming that these dreams were some warnings to enjoy our time with them when they were still alive.
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