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Originally Posted by tarot_quest View Post
Hi ATers!

I did not see tons of tarot readers or psychic in my life (about 6?), and all of them were quite wrong in their predictions.

I understand the rule that at best, the accuracy reach 80-90%, but all of those readers were far from this ''statistic''.

My future just unfolded lately, and I have not been accepted in a very competitive program that would have required years of commitment. 3 different tarot readers told me that I was sure to get in. Of course, I tried to do not think about these predictions and I prepared a lot to get accepted.

Even if I love Tarot, I am starting to think that I should not see professional tarot readers again. They also made a lot of other inaccurate predictions and wrong assumptions about my present life and other wrong predictions.

So here is my question: Have you already had a useful and accurate tarot (psychic) reading? Do you think that all of these readers made mistakes on important life events because I was not meant to know?
There are a number of reasons why this can happen.

First some people pretend to be readers who are not and who don't have any idea who to read. They just make up a bunch of stuff and charge money for it. Or worse, charnge minimal amounts for the reading and tell a lot of scary things, then charge huge amounts for itens to sell to the querent to try to protect themselves. So (very very sadly) for one thing, some people just pretend to be readers who are not.

I would say that yes, as well there is no human being who does not make mistakes. In any profession you can think of. Even surgeons whose work is some of the most serious make mistakes. Also as readers, we need to stay subjective and keep our own life beliefs out of things, and that can occasionally be a lot harder than it sounds.

And the last one I can think of atm, which I think is the most common one, a reading on the future CAN in fact be perfectly accurate and still the future does not play out as predicted in the reading. And yet, still the reading may have been perfectly done and accurate at the time.

It's the very nature of the future that it is by nature changeable. At almost any point in time there is not just one future possible, but a myriad of them. ALL that a reading on the future can do at the very best is to tell you which of them you are currently heading towards at the exact moment in time that the reading is done.

That is all Tarot can ever do because that is the nature of the future. If anything changes, even something so little as the querent's thoughts after reading a reading can sometimes be enough, that can be enough to change the future. When this happens the reading was in fact accurate. It did what it was supposed to, it told the querent the future they were heading towards at that time. That is all it ever can do.

Because we always have free will all along the path towards our futures, the cards cannot yet predict if we will change our mind, that is not written yet. Changing our mind changes the future.

The cards can only, at best, show us where we are heading at the moment in time the reading was done. Surprisingly, it tends to play out most times, as we are so much creatures of habit and we tend to think and act in the habitual ways. We are creatures of habit so that makes us fairly predictable. if we act in predictable ways, our future can be predicted.

Biut if we break from that, and change at some point, that will change the future from what the cards predicted to something different.

Personally, questions on what will happen in the future, tend to be my least favourite kind of question. I prefer to ask questions about the meaning of life, or how to conquer my life obstacles...

But if i do as about the future, I tend to prefer to ask something more along the lines of how to acheive what i want in the future than what will happen. Eg if I wanted to get into a competitive program, instead of asking IF I will, I tend to prefer to ask what I can do now that will increase my chances of getting in Then I set about to do it. And it feels like I am doing something useful. Instead of asking where I am heading now, which I know can change, I prefer to try to change where I am heading to where I want to end up. If that makes sense.

Asking what will happen in the future seems to be the most commonly asked questions. To me it just isnt the kind of question that Tarot does best though.

Just my opinons....

As for your last question, that is an interesting ones. I do believe that if you are not meant to know something you will not be told it. That can result in the cards purposely misdirecting you, but i think that is rare and only if that is the only way to stop the reader from telling you.

There are other ways to get that message across. I once did a reading where I got the answer clearly that the cards would not answer that question for the querent as she was just NOT meant to know it. I just got that from the card, that I had to tell her the cards refused to answer her question and that it was not in her best interest to know that right now. Even though Tarot can answer anything it is not always willing to.

I remember that reading. I told her that (that the cards would not tell her as she was not meant to know right now) and she sighed and said that 3 other readers had already told her the same thing but she thought I would be different. LOL

If you are not meant to know something, you are not going to be told it. But the cards can just say that without lying.

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