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Originally Posted by SunChariot View Post

That is all Tarot can ever do because that is the nature of the future. If anything changes, even something so little as the querent's thoughts after reading a reading can sometimes be enough, that can be enough to change the future. When this happens the reading was in fact accurate. It did what it was supposed to, it told the querent the future they were heading towards at that time. That is all it ever can do.

Because we always have free will all along the path towards our futures, the cards cannot yet predict if we will change our mind, that is not written yet. Changing our mind changes the future.

The cards can only, at best, show us where we are heading at the moment in time the reading was done. Surprisingly, it tends to play out most times, as we are so much creatures of habit and we tend to think and act in the habitual ways. We are creatures of habit so that makes us fairly predictable. if we act in predictable ways, our future can be predicted.

Biut if we break from that, and change at some point, that will change the future from what the cards predicted to something different.

I agree with Babs here... and this is what I tend to tell paid/unpaid querents who come to me. This has been for my own readings too, on my personal life. Although I have been spot on about many things that have happened to me, I have found it was less to be the case with pro readers. For instance, I kept asking if my ex would marry someone else... and most of them said no. Potentially, because it's an arranged marriage, the energy was not willing, but ground reality was binding him... and I knew that. So it came as no surprise to me that they couldn't apply their readings to the reality I was living in... and that he did in fact get married to the one his family had chosen for him!

I also do daily 'energy' readings... and I see that all the time how my own energy changes about a situation... and therefore I ask "based on how I feel today... what could be the outcome of this situation?"

I do believe that free will is the ultimate key player... and Tarot can only read what will be the outcome of the current free will frequency... which leaves the actual outcome up in the air...IMO.
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