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Originally Posted by tarot_quest View Post
So here is my question: Have you already had a useful and accurate tarot (psychic) reading? Do you think that all of these readers made mistakes on important life events because I was not meant to know?
Yes, but they have been few and far between. The best readings I've had were about 80% insight and 20% predictions (which all came to pass, including a death). Only one was from a tarot reader, Mary K. Greer. The rest were from diviners in orisha traditions using other tools.

Everyone else has expressed my general sentiment. I'll add that I don't think the tarot is the problem; it's the reader. There are a lot of shonky readers out there. In the worst reading I ever had, I was looking to shed some light around a work-related matter. The reader put three cards down, slams her palm on the table, and said things like, "You see?! It's right there." She looked at me, nodding her head, and said sympathetically, "You know exactly what you need to do." That was the gist of it. And this woman is a full time professional tarot reader. I'm sure that kind of blank nonsense goes over well with a lot of people who simply project the results they want.
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