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Originally Posted by TheProphet View Post
I consulted a few tarot readers a couple of years ago, but didn't have a great experience with it. I remember one reader that I consulted who told me that I would be engaged a couple of months later and that she could see "an engagement party with family and friends". I told her that I just recently got brutally dumped without an explanation! She didn't care, she still saw an engagement. Haha, well, it was a bunch of rubbish as it never happened. However - a family member of mine who reads cards has been quite accurate in her readings. She predicted a certain visitor coming to me (which I said 'would neeeever happen', but it did) and when I was younger and in love with an older guy, she said that he was married with kids - I shut her down and said that she was absolutely wrong, but it turned out she was right!

But because I have pretty bad experiences with tarot readers, as I believe there are plenty out there who don't know how to read the cards and just make stuff up, I tend to stick to mediums. I'm sure there are many honest and skilled tarot readers out there, I just haven't met them I feel like. What I like about mediums is that I don't have to tell them anything about me or my life, the only question I have to ask is "What do you see for me?" and they'll start babbling on about me and my life. So far, they have been eerie accurate about many things and known stuff that they couldn't possibly know otherwise.

I do however trust my own tarot readings
Very similar experience! And I am trusting my own readings increasingly!
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