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I'd love to hear from anyone who does have this deck, what do you think of the backs? I really love the backs. They have a very traditional thing going on, but Bill's use of the colored balls just set them off for me. My favorite backs have always been Thinbuddha's Payan, until this deck came out. These are my new favorite backs.

Also, what do you think about the card stock? I really like it, I was so intrigued by this stock that i did ask Bill what it was. He said it is German Superior Smooth with a black carbon core. I had bent a couple of cards soon after I had really handled the deck, maybe I man handled it, but, the cards went right back into their normal shape after I put them with the rest of the deck. They are resilient, with perfect finish; not glossy, not too matte that it absorbs the oils from your hands. The finish doesn't catch glare when you are reading outside.
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