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Thank you Tippyjane, MissChiff, and SarahJoy!
I'm glad you like it!

Hi Prudence!
Originally Posted by prudence View Post
I'd love to hear from anyone who does have this deck, what do you think of the backs? I really love the backs. They have a very traditional thing going on, but Bill's use of the colored balls just set them off for me. My favorite backs have always been Thinbuddha's Payan, until this deck came out. These are my new favorite backs.
Only a few other people on AT have the deck, and some of them aren't too talkative. (Others are not present here.) I had a nice conversation in my dining room yesterday about a light sense of humor that seems infused throughout the deck. That's something that developed out of my fascination with Medieval Marginalia. (The little domestic images in the margins of Medieval illuminated manuscripts.) It's not a literal incorporation, but more of a nod to the recognition of humor even in the midst of serious things.

Most of the early TdM's that I'm aware of have some form of repeating grid pattern on the backs, so I took off from there. I wanted something that would initially read as an overall pattern, but would actually reveal itself to be more complex upon closer inspection. (And, of course, it would have to reinforce the overall theme of the deck, albeit from a different perspective.) The result is technically not reversible, but it sort of might as well be, as at a glance, it's not terribly obvious which way cards are facing. For this particular printing, I also had to do a bit of work to avoid making every card back identical. You'll see that there is a random variation in the cropping/placement of the pattern on every card.

Originally Posted by prudence View Post
Also, what do you think about the card stock? I really like it, I was so intrigued by this stock that i did ask Bill what it was. He said it is German Superior Smooth with a black carbon core. I had bent a couple of cards soon after I had really handled the deck, maybe I man handled it, but, the cards went right back into their normal shape after I put them with the rest of the deck. They are resilient, with perfect finish; not glossy, not too matte that it absorbs the oils from your hands. The finish doesn't catch glare when you are reading outside.
I looked at a few different card stocks, and for the purposes of this edition, despite the added expense, I chose the German Superior Smooth for its particularly nice surface quality, and apparent durability. I'm happy to hear that you like it!
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