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Barleywine encapsulated the general essence of this card nicely, and there isn't a plethora of subjective debate to be had here versus the mysterious 7 of Cups. *giggles*

This card depicts to me leaving something before it has ended because he knows it is time to move on, as suggested by the cups perfectly stacked as he turns away into the night. He looks for something that is missing in his current life as what he is leaving behind is either not to his satisfaction or has been exhausted of all possibilities.

Note the odd moon that overlooks the scene, which suggests an eclipse - a temporary darkness in his current state of contemplative journeying. For it is dark this day of reckoning, a somber decision to be made; however, the sun shall shine brightly soon as he moves away from this current state.

As this card is an 8, it could also suggest a repetitive pattern that one falls into countless times over; the proverbial fork in the road that one keeps arriving at in his life's path. The good news is that he has the intuition to move on before the cups collapse and spill all over the ground like the 5 of Cups.
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