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Originally Posted by Abrac View Post
The moon is a moon in its waning phase. This is a style of art that turns up frequently in alchemical art especially. This link shows a picture by Hieronymus Reussner, 1588; it's also the moon in the waning phase. Here's another picture by Reussner, 1582; it's about 3/4 down the page. This is an example of the waxing phase.

What this says to me is the current phase of this person's life is winding down. I don't see the cups as symbolizing anything in particular; they represent whatever the person is leaving behind, it could be anything.
In thinking more about this, Crowley did have some pretty vile things to say about the waning Moon. But I'm wondering here if its allure for the apparently disillusioned man is that it's less impure than what he found in the cups. He's moving away from the austerity and barenness of Saturn in Pisces (what bitter draught is in those cups, anyway? Hemlock?) toward the luxury of Jupiter in Pisces (9 of Cups), so maybe even the "poisonous" Moon will act as a healing purgative to rid him of his dyspepsia. Or maybe its "hair of the dog?" He's hung over and is looking for a "pick-me-up." "Here, Socrates, try something a bit lighter . . ."
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