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Originally Posted by Barleywine View Post
For tarot purposes (at least of the analytical variety), I prefer the term "emotional investment" to "love" anyway, it's more concrete (dare I say clinical?) and less sugary and vaporous. "Love" in modern terms is more like a projection of our sense (usually learned from purveyors of cultural cues like television and movies, from social peers, and from Hallmark cards) of what is virtuous and praisworthy, onto the object of our affections. Venus, after all, is as much about value and appreciation (an increase in value) as it is about the more "touchy-feely" stuff. And when Mars enters the picture, we get "lust;" the two are often woefully confused in the unsophisticated mind. Unconditional love (aka "pure love") is rarely attainable (and what carnal 20-year-old would want it anyway?); although the idea of it might be a universal romantic ideal, the reality is usually much more subjective and mundane: what we get is a "mongrel."

And hey, bring me back a beer! Oh wait, it's 5:00 AM . . .
It seems to me the whole concept of "love" has been going through a transformation and redefinition for the past thousand years....with the death of chivalry and the replacement of the word with "charity" in the Bible.... the lamentations of the loss to mankind were expressed in the '60s Hippie movement...and the word now appears in it's anachronistic phase.....soon to be deleted from the dictionary as well as the language and our hearts. It has passed into the history of mankind along with the Age of Pisces and Christianity. If the new Age of Aquarius is an indication of what will replace it, perhaps the term "brotherhood/sisterhood" is as good as any. Could it be that is the universal meaning of the VIII of Cups....the Hermit (Pollack's analogy) walking away from the "whole catastrophe".... toward a new philosophy of life ... leaving behind a dream of a universal love that was simply a Neptunian illusion all along. The Moon having witnessed the precession of the equinox and the flux and flow of humanity's noble but futile attempt to transform ourselves from our barbarian roots through the philosophy of "love"..... looks on our hopeless predicament with great sadness.

While we're at it, let's have a toast to The Age of Aquarius and the following Age of Capricorn....and 4,000 years of Saturn's cold discipline. I wonder if anyone will remember that we once "loved".... or tried to.
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