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I was just thinking of saving all the Hedgewytch stuff to my machine, a few weeks ago. I plan to get around to playing card reading eventually and the system seems well-respected. But I didn't get there in time. Thanks firecatpickles for being more proactive

The one thing I do have is this rhyme, which I'd copied down at some point.

An Ace brings beginnings,
And Two gives exchange
Three shows things growing
But Four does not change.
Five is the body
Its health and its stead
Six shows a path
That the seeker shall tread.
Seven brings troubles
That Fate has assigned
While Eight shows ideas
And thoughts in the mind.
Nine heralds changes,
Ten is the end
While Kings are the symbols
Of power and men.
Queens are the emblems
Of women and truth
A Knave is a message,
A girl, or a youth.
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