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Originally Posted by Anise View Post
This thread has been really helpful to me too! I wanted to know people's opinions about the difference between Andy's, Rana's, and Caitlin's books. They all came out at the same time, and they're all highly rated. It would be my first introduction to Lenormand, so I wanted a traditional book. Now I'm torn between Andy's and Caitlin's.
I have a kind of hierarchical view of the usefulness of the English-language Lenormand books I own.

Andy's is my favorite for its "roots" approach to card meanings and interpretation.

Rana's is valuable for its broader perspective on ways to use the cards.

Caitlin's I especially like for the playing-card section.

Sylvie Steinbach's book is good as a reference work, but I couldn't swallow some of her opinions (for example, she doesn't call the Grand Tableau by name, just "that tedious spread"). It's an example of Lenormand "newspeak" run amok.

I don't own the Goodwin and Katz book yet since there seem to be some mixed opinions here at AT about its value.

Other than a raft of Lenormand blog material out there, I don't know what else is available in English.
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